Software Development Kit (SDK)

Aptina's Software Development Kit (SDK) provides multiple APIs for you to develop and customize your applications depending on your needs.

Customizing DevWareX  

  • Custom "User" toolbar - You can create your own buttons on DevWare's toolbar using the INI file syntax.  This can be done just by editing the INI file (no compilation necessary).  You can include your own icon and tooltips as well.
  • For more complex scripting you can use DevWare Python within your INI file.
  • If you would like a GUI to run within DevWare or need access to the image data you can use the DevWare Plugin API

If you would like to use your own windows application and interact with DevWare you can use the DevWare COM Interface.  

If you would prefer not to run DevWare and develop a separate application you can use the ApBase API.  This API provides a low level interface to the Aptina Demo kit which allows you to grab frames and interact with sensor registers.  DevWare and most DevSuite applications are built on top of ApBase.  There is also a COM interface for ApBase.

For Matlab applications you can use either the DevWare COM Interface (See the MatlabDevWareCOM sample application) or the ApBase COM interface.

There are several sample applications for all of these APIs, which are installed in C:\Aptina Imaging\samples.
They use Visual Studio 2012, and Qt 5.4 where applicable.

The SDK that is installed with the DevSuite Installer is for windows. We do support ApBase and the DevWare application on Linux and MacOS - available here.

We also have limited UVC support; please reply to